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Kids Eyeglasses in Willowbrook

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Children’s Eyeglasses in Willowbrook

Kids Eyeglasses in Willowbrook
Kids Eyeglasses in Willowbrook

Welcome to the offices of Dr. Jerry Wake. Our professional staff is here to help service you and your family on the best in eye care and kids eyeglasses in Willowbrook. Most kids who need eyeglasses are either farsighted or nearsighted. Kids wear eyeglasses either part time or full time, depending on the degree of correction needed. They may need to take them off for schoolwork or need to wear them on a regular basis. It all depends on each individual.

Dr. Wake will make specific recommendations for your kids eyeglasses in Willowbrook. Children’s glasses do need to be sturdy and less fragile than other glasses. Lens thickness, the type of material used for the frame, and fit all come into play when choosing kids glasses. Kids eyeglasses should not be too expensive, in case they get damaged, and should be something that they find likeable. Most children’s glasses are made from plastic and metal due to their durability. Both materials are bendable and lightweight, making them less likely to break. They’re also not as expensive as traditional frames. Metal frames also come with adjustable nose pads so that they can fit the bridge of the child’s nose. Frames should fit the bridge comfortably and without any gaps. If there are gaps, the frames may slide off the child’s face. Frames should stay in place at all times so that children do not look over the top of the lenses.

Frequently, it is better to have regular, or “skull,” temples that go straight back and then curve gently around the back of the ear.
Some kids eyeglasses in Willowbrook come with spring hinges that allow the temples of the frames to flex outward without damage. This is a good choice for children’s glasses because of the rough treatment that children’s eyeglasses sometimes go through. Kids are not very careful most times when they handle their glasses and spring hinges are suitable for toddlers. The lenses on children’s glasses should be made from materials that are impact resistant, such as polycarbonate or Trivex. They are lighter and have good scratch proof coatings as well as UV coatings. a toddler or a first-time wearer.

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