Eye exam in Alondra Park

Eye Exam in Alondra Park

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You don’t have to be concerned with our eye disease testing because you feel fine, right? Well, the truth is that because the most common eye conditions develop and progress without any noticeable symptoms, we recommend that you come in for our eye exam in Alondra Park once per year.

Glaucoma and cataracts can affect you at any age, and regardless of your medical history, heredity, gender, or ethnic background. If you are age 40 or older, you will also need to be tested for macular degeneration, which can begin at that time in life, and is the most common cause of vision loss from 60 and up. Diabetic retinopathy is a risk if you have either type one or type two diabetes. There are baseline tests used in our eye exam in Alondra Park in order to create a foundation for diagnosis. Early detection is essential. If eye disease is permitted to reach an advanced stage, you may experience vision loss to some degree, damage to your eyes, blindness, or even have your life at risk in the most severe circumstances. Any harm that comes about, or vision loss experienced may or may not be reversible. In the worst case scenarios, the best that can be hoped for at that point is to avoid additional damage or vision loss. Our eye exam in Alondra Park will also be an opportunity for our eye doctor to determine your current level of vision, and to prescribe for you eyeglasses or contact lenses, or to update your existing ones if necessary. As an added bonus, aside from our eye disease testing and vision screening, the blood vessels in your eyes can reveal valuable clues as to the onset of other health concerns, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension.

Eye disease testing once every year will give you peace of mind, because either you will learn that you’re free of eye disease, or you will be treated in a timely manner. Either way, contact our office and let us schedule you an appointment.

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