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Gardena Eye Care

Dry eye treatment in Gardena

Gardena eye care

Gardena eye care

Have your eyes been irritated and scratchy for a while? This may not be simply a case of allergies – this may be dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is a common eye problem that often occurs in older adults. It is not a dangerous condition, and is generally easily treated. However if dry eye is allowed to continue, your eyes may become seriously irritated and eventually damaged. If you would like to get Gardena eye care to see if you have dry eye, and if so to have it effectively treated, come visit our practice of Jerry Wake.

Dr. Wake is our expert optometrist who provides all of our patients with excellent Gardena eye care. Dry eye is an eye condition that can be caused by one of two situations: either too few tears are created by the eye, or the patient has a poor quality of tears. Tears are needed not only to help clear the eyes of debris but also to nourish the eyes. Dry eye can not only be brought about by age, but by your environment, job, or even by certain medicines that you are taking.

Our optometrist, Dr. Wake can provide you with excellent Gardena eye care that will alleviate your dry eye problem. The first step is to come in for an appointment and have Dr. Wake give you a comprehensive eye exam. This way you will be able to be accurately diagnosed with dry eye. Once you are diagnosed and the full medical condition of your eyes is determined, treatment will be able to be decided upon and begun. There are many treatments for dry eye and some are more conservative than others. Dr. Wake can help dry eye with several different treatment options including recommending over the counter artificial tears or medicated eye drops to help with the production of tears and ease the irritation in the eyes. There are also times when changes in diet and the addition of certain dietary supplements may help. Removable silicone eye plugs can also be used to help keep tears in the eyes longer. If none of these methods provide enough relief, Dr. Wake may recommend that you see an ophthalmologist who can perform a simple surgical procedure to permanently close your tear ducts. However, this is a last resort treatment, and one that does not have to be used often. If you would like to see Dr. Wake for an appointment, contact our office today.

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