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Willowbrook Nosepads

Optical goods in Willowbrook

Anyone who has been wearing glasses for even a short while can attest to the importance of nosepads. Naturally, as with most conveniences that get forgotten about, nosepads fall in the category of something you take for granted until they’re gone. Luckily, they don’t cost much to replace and are used in basic eyeglass repair. At Jerry Wake, we make replacing or changing nosepads quick and convenient with our Willowbrook nosepads in our eye shop. Nosepads are important because they help maintain the proper adjustment of an eyeglass frame as well as keeping the wearer comfortable.

There are many types and shapes of nosepads, and sometimes people can get a bit overwhelmed by all of the options. But don’t let that that deter you from getting new nosepads. Our professionals at Jerry Wake would be more than happy to assist you in finding the nosepads that are best suited to your comfort and style. Oftentimes, we simply recommend finding the Willowbrook nosepads that most closely resemble the previous pair of nosepads on your glasses.

When helping you find a replacement pair of nosepads, we take four things into account at our eye shop at Jerry Wake. First we consider the kind of mount your glasses have for the Willowbrook nosepads. Then we consider the shape of the Willowbrook nosepad that will best distribute the weight of the glasses over your nasal area. After taking both the mount and shape into consideration, we then consider which size nosepads are best suited to your eyeglasses. Lastly, we choose the material the nosepad will be made out of. Using this simple four-step process, getting replacement nosepads is relatively quick and easy. Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety and options of nosepads – simply make use of the professionals at the Jerry Wake eye shop. We’re happy to assist you!

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