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Pediatric Optometrist Lawndale

Pediatric eye care in Lawndale

Pediatric optometrist Lawndale

Pediatric optometrist Lawndale

Everyone needs routine eye care, especially children. Children grow a great deal before and after they are born, and it is important to make sure that they are developing well and remaining healthy. When it comes to pediatric eye care, our resident optometrist Jerry Wake is dedicated to providing kids with the best eye care in the area. If you are in the market for a pediatric optometrist in Lawndale, Dr. Wake is here to make sure your child gets the care they need.

Dr. Jerry Wake has dedicated the last thirty years to providing patients in the Lawndale area with compassionate and thorough eye care. Eye care can sometimes go overlooked, but people of all ages should see their local eye doctor at least once a year. Eye diseases, conditions, and vision impairments are all possibilities and these issues can affect people of various ages and health backgrounds. Kids should see a pediatric optometrist regularly to make sure that their eyes and their eyesight are developing normally. Issues that may commonly affect children include lazy eye, crossed eyes, or nearsightedness. These conditions can easily be treated with the help of prescription lenses and other exercises if needed, and the sooner they are caught, the better. With complete care here at the offices of Jerry Wake, your child can benefit from excellent care. Our pediatric optometrist in Lawndale will ensure that their eyes are tested, their vision screened, and that any conditions they have are properly treated. If your child needs prescription lenses, we can get you the right prescription and pick out the perfect frames.

If your child needs pediatric eye care, then look no further than the offices of Jerry Wake. Call our visit our website to set up their next appointment with our pediatric optometrist in Lawndale today.

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Eye Doc in Lawndale

Optometrist in Lawndale

Eye Doc in LawndaleTaking care of your eye health is something to remember, especially when you are planning your annual exams and checkups. An annual eye exam is just a vital as an annual dental cleaning or a physical and can play an important part in catching any diseases or conditions. It is also generally important to keep tabs on your vision and to visit an eye doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms or pain. Here with our eye doc in Lawndale, Dr. Jerry Wake, you can get the comprehensive eye care and treatment that you need.

Eye health can often go overlooked, but it is important to remember to include it when scheduling your routine exams and checkups. Making sure that you schedule regular eye exams can help when it comes to diagnosing and treating eye diseases and other problems. This is especially important for people who have diabetes or for people who have any family history of eye diseases and other problems. If you have either of these preexisting conditions, then you are at a much higher risk for developing eye diseases. Though there is not always a way of preventing such things entirely, with frequent exams and checkups you can at least catch such conditions as early on as possible so as to provide treatment. The earlier a treatment is provided, the more likely you will be able to avoid lifelong side effects such as vision changes or vision loss. Aside from routine exams, our eye doc in Lawndale Dr. Jerry Wake can also provide you with vision screenings. These screenings keep tabs on your visual acuity and will let you know whether you need prescription lenses or whether any current prescription lenses that you have need to be updated. If you experience any side effects such as redness, irritation, pain, discomfort or discharge, it is important that you see an eye doctor as soon as you can as this can be the sign of an eye infection or injury resulting in infection. Even if your symptoms turn out to be caused by allergies, medication can be provided to help control your symptoms or even eliminate them.

If you have any eye conditions, predispositions, vision problems or are experiencing any symptoms, then call us here to schedule an appointment with our eye doc in Lawndale today. Dr. Jerry Wake can also help provide you and your family with routine exams and checkups if you need them on a regular basis.

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