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Eye Care in Gardena

Gardena eye doctor

Eye care in Gardena

Eye care in Gardena

When was the last time you had your eyes checked? Many people tend to believe that the only people who really need to see an eye doctor on a regular basis are people who have vision impairment problems or eye diseases. While these patients do require regular care, so does everyone else! If you are due for some comprehensive eye care in Gardena, then our eye doctor is here to help. Dr. Jerry Wake can provide you with complete eye exams and vision screenings, regardless of the current state of your eye health and offer you any treatments that you may need.

Your eye health is important, and it can be fragile at times, which is why everyone should have their eyes looked at on a fairly regular basis. For people who have vision impairment problems, they need to stay updated with their prescription needs but they also need to check up on their overall eye health as well. People who have eye conditions need frequent treatment in order to care for their eyes as well as monitor their symptoms. Individuals who are at risk for any eye diseases should also consider scheduling more frequent eye exams as well. That way, they have a better chance of catching any pertinent conditions before they cause any serious damage. While all of these reasons are reason enough to visit the eye doctor, even people without any known eye issues should see a specialist. Our eye doctor Dr. Jerry Wake can provide routine eye care in Gardena for patients of all ages. Ideally, children should begin seeing an eye doctor regularly from the time that they are about six months old. Pediatric eye exams are recommended in order to look out for any developmental problems or issues, but adults need regular eye care as well.

Dr. Jerry Wake can also provide eye care in Gardena for people who have eye allergies or are suffering from an eye infection or an eye injury as well, in which case emergency care is heavily recommended. If you need eye care or are overdue for an exam, call us today to schedule an appointment with our local eye doctor, Dr. Jerry Wake.

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